Japanese man die in Sarkem Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta - Police officers from Gedongtengen Police, Identification unit of Yogyakarta Police and  PMI officers are evacuating a japanese man who was found dead in the Sarkem area, ​​Yogyakarta, at Thursday (27/1) afternoon.

The head of the Yogyakarta Police Public Relations Section, AKP Timbul, Sasana Raharjo, S.H., M.H. said, the man with the initials TT (62) was found dead in Sarkem while having sex with "his girl" at that place.

Initially, TT and his friend RA (29) came to Sarkem and rent a room at the Pantura Cafe. Sosrowijayan 76th, Sosromenduran around 15:00 WIB.

"At around 15.00 WIB the victim and RA were checked in in the upstairs room of the Pantura cafe. According to RA's statement, when he was with TT, the victim looked good and healthy," said AKP Timbul, Thursday night, January 27, 2022.

According to AKP Timbul, after being in the room for about 20 minutes and having sex with SE (51) one of the commercial sex workers there, the victim suddenly collapsed.

“The victim and RA came together to Sarkem. Then, the victim slept with one person there with the initials SE (51). According to SE, when having sex the victim was in the position above. The two of them had sex for about 7 minutes," he said.

Timbul revealed that the victim known later he was born in Osaka, Japan and lived in the Umbulharjo area.

“After having sex, the victim immediately collapsed on top of RE. He tried to wake her up. However, the victim who has been snoring. Because the victim was not moving, SE went downstairs to ask for help," he explained.

"At around 15.40 WIB, one of the resident of Sarkem came to the Gedongtengen Sector Police to report the incident. Finally, at around 17.20 WIB, the Bhayangkara Dokkes Team and the Yogyakarta City PMI came to the TKP to evacuate the victims," ​​he concluded.

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